Accessory Equipment

Besides the major material processing equipment, Agropet also can provide our clients the indispensable accessory equipment such as excavator, dump truck, loader to help them achieve the most optimized material processing results. We are always considerate for customers.

  • ExcavatorExcavator is a self-traveling mining machine that using the bucket to spade and install stripping things or minerals from working face, and also transporting these things to discharging site for discharging.
  • Dump truck Dump truck is an equipment that is based on hydraulic pressure or mechanical lifting to unload goods.
  • LoaderLoader is the construction machinery which is mainly using bucket in the front of machine body to do the spade, install, transportation and discharging work.
  • Drilling machine In the geological exploration, drilling machine is the mechanical equipment that is mainly driving the drilling rig to drilling to the underground, and gaining the material object geological data.
  • WeighbridgeWeighbridge is a kind of large weighing equipment which is seted on the ground. It is mainly used for the vehicles and the cargo measurement.
  • GeneratorGenerator is able to provide electric power for power machines by burning diesel. It is widely used in mining areas that has no Electric Power Network.
  • Air compressor Air compressor is kind of air compressed machinery which is made by using the air compression principle and its air pressure is more than the atmospheric pressure.

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